Something that I created was mentioned on the Howard Stern Show

For four years or so I have been a frequent contributor to , a listing of celebrities and other figures with a brief biography and the ability of a visitor to the site to choose whether the person is annoying or not. The votes are put in a running tally and each person on the site (there are thousands) is given a percentage ranking (which is constantly changing.) I have submitted many entries, and many collections of entries with different themes, under the name “Big Papa” ; these web pages then are permanently added to the site.

One of my collections, “Hebrew Hotties ,” a listing of attractive Jewish women, was discussed on the Howard Stern show, according to a news bulletin on the amiannoying website. An audio clip is included.

However, I can’t fucking listen to it, because it keeps saying “realplayer needs to download new fucking software to play this clip,” and when I try downloading the software, nothing happens. Damn it to hell.

Could someone listen to the clip and tell me what it is?

It was Stern and his sidekicks going down the list and commenting:

“I didn’t know she was Jewish!”

“She’s only half-Jewish!”

“She converted!”

“She’s not hot!”

“She was hot in her day!”

“She’s hot!”

A couple of Sternish comments about Anne Frank. “Hard to tell if she’s hot, we didn’t see her in a bikini!”

“Rachel Weisz? Who’s that?” “She was in The Mummy!”

They agreed that Phoebe Cates, Cindy Margolis (sp?) and a couple of others were hot.

I thought Paris Hilton had that phrase copyrighted. :slight_smile:

They all agreed Natalie Portman was an authentic Jewish hottie.

They all agreed Natalie Portman and Winona (Horowitz) Ryder were authentic Jewish hotties.