Something that just occurred to me about Star Trek...

You sure it was 2062? Thom Hartmann, on his radio show a week or so back, said it was set in 2012.

Also, according to one account, Zephram Cochrane will be born next year.

Not to mention 2001 and 2010. Man, I miss Jupiter…

We are a dozen years past 1999, and no one has blown the moon out of orbit yet.
2001 and 2010 have both come and gone, and no black monolith.

Remember 7 years ago in 2005, when this was the way we all dressed?

Wow, I’m glad that trend is over.

Well, I have a robot vacuum cleaner, so we’re getting there. It mouths off to me also with a female voice.

Yup, me too, and I’m pretty sure my Android phone does all a TNG PADD did and more. (Hmm… maybe the communicator pins are just fancy bluetooth devices…)

All I know is that when I order my flying car, they’d better have one in stock!

:smiley: Happy birthday to me!

Adam Jensen (of Deus Ex 3 fame) is 18 right now. Go get 'em, tiger.

Must have been Don Cherry’s influence.

I remember a few years ago being struck by the fact that Susan Calvin was getting her degree in robotics from Columbia at that time.

Actually, thanks to the latest film, TOS is now in a parallel universe.

(The one thing I didn’t particularly like about the new film: the Kirk episodes “don’t count,” the Picard episodes “don’t count,” the Sisko episodes “don’t count,” and the Janeway episodes “don’t count”…but the Archer episodes still “count”.)