Something that just occurred to me about Star Trek...

Although the original show waffled a bit on it, it was eventually established that TOS took place 300 years in the future. Well now that the show is almost 50 years old, it would be more accurate to say it was 250 years in the future. That realization makes me feel old…

You didn’t feel old when the 1990s came and went without a third world war? And aren’t those eugenic augments supposed to be taking over right about now?


What’s the first rule of Eugenics Club?

You club the inferiors until they submit?

I’m still wondering what happened tothe Rocket of 1955.

Eleven years ago, I tried to contact Pan Am to schedule my vacation to the moon, only to be told the company had been defunct for a decade.

Yet someone answered the phone? Hmmm…

Sounds like a front for The Men in Black.

Pam Am was in operation a decade ago.
Of course, they went to Maine, not to the moon

Man. You think that they’d slap that logo on a better website.

We’re three years away from Back To The Future Part II’s 2015. How do you like them apples?

I’m just worried about Presidential Candidate Nehemiah Scudder. Nothing good will come of that.

And we’re seven years away from Blade Runner. They better start building the pyramid skyscrapers pretty soon.

There’s one in Las Vegas. The buffet is kinda dumpy, though.

Fortunately, though, 1984 is 28 years in the past. Boy, I’m glad that’s over with.

Have you seen the Republican lineup?

Meh. None of it can possibly take place in this Universe anyway.

Spock Prime came back and prevented the eugenics wars. He’s posing as an actor from Boston.

The Jetsons was made in 1962 and was set one hundred years in the future in 2062.

So we should now be halfway to robot maids and flying cars.

How about robot cars and flying maids?

The way I heard it put was:

“In three years, it’ll be 2015. We will then be as far from the year Back To The Future was made (1985), as Back To The Future was from 1955, the year Marty went back to.”