Something that made me laugh today

Today I bought my hideously spoiled dog a new chew toy when I was getting her food. It was clearanced out—that’s my only excuse.

It’s actually a Hannukah themed chew toy. It’s blue and white. It’s a fish. It’s says “gefilte” on the side. And when you trigger the sound chip it says “OY VEY!” and then bubble sounds.

Well, her favorite long term toy is a rubber pig. And the last toy I got her was from Christmas clearance toys and it’s a reindeer and one of her new favorites. She loved the fish.

But I thought it would be so fun to put them all in a bag together (which I haven’t done yet). One of the things we do for ‘enrichment’ is throw toys in a plastic grocery bag and let her rip it apart looking for her toys.
And then I realized that it sounds like the oddest start to a joke.

“So, a plastic pig, a fuzzy reindeer, and a gefilte fish go into a bar…”

While this sounds like fun for the whole family, be sure you’re very careful about choking.

Trust me, we watch and are careful. She barks and barks and claws and when she’s done, we pick up the bag and look for pieces. Check her mouth.

And thank you–if anyone is reading this, make sure to be careful!

Heh. My son has a pig puppet that he named Kosher the Pig.


would encouraging her to play with plastic bags be dangerous? /paranoid