Sometimes I Frickin HATE the Internet.

So I’m typing an OP and wondering why people start out with ‘So’.

Before that I was cursing another bastard website for the “To get wallpaper click ok” crap. And the fact that I had to close several other browser windows to get rid of it.

Before that I was shouting at the screen using the f word because like 50 million popups just appeared (well it was about 3, but it felt like 50 million). From a different site on the same subject.

Before that I was waiting for an advertisement delaying the desired content. The content being a lovely picture of someone called ‘Kelly Clarkson’.
Before that I was clicking away at, and stumbled upon a pretty picture and thought “Hmm, she’s nice. I think I’ll go and google her”.
Hmm, seems like reversing the events does the trick. I’m all calm and relaxed now.

…I’ve also noticed that when typing any personal communique, 95% of my statements begin with “so.” Or “well.” The other 5% is “anyways.” These are always immediately followed by a comma.

So, do I really think like that in my head? Well, at least I hope I don’t actually speak like that!

Anyways, Lobsang, Google Toolbar is your pop-up blocker and internet search interface friend.

And reverse is always better. :smiley:

The version of IE that’s included in Win XP SP2 blocks popups. No need for a third-party solution.

Firstly - I am reluctant to install SP2 on my home machine as I have seen it cause more problems than it solves.

Secondly, the computer I am using in the OP is a work’s computer. We are allowed to browse whatever we want, but the computers are running windows 2000 and no popup-blocker is in place.

You only hate the internet sometimes? I envy your utopian relationship with technology.

Unless you use Virtual Basic at home, you should have no problems if you install SP2.

Unless your machine is infested with spyware, adware, scumware, etc. That seems to be the root cause of a lot of the problems people have had with SP2. On a “clean” machine, it should work without a hitch.

Oh, well that explains why I had no problems, as I run SpyBot and Ad-Aware fairly regularly.

Which one of the Internets are you having trouble with? Maybe you can use one of the others.

I’m George Bush, and I approved this plural

I hear conflicting advice. Some people say SP2 buggers about with online games. My step-dad’s is updated with SP2 and now his internet connection is a pain in the backside to get working.

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Are you sure it wasn’t High-Pitch?

Why do you hate America? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am not one of the select few.

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Hi, Mommy! Are you proud of me?
Who’s High Pitch? This is Kelly Clarkson!
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