Sometimes too much SDMB knowledge can be a bad thing.

Ever use your newfound SDMB knowledge with not-so-stellar results?

Yesterday at the Portland airport:
::Hands credit card, with my signature on it, to gift shop person::

“May I see your ID?”

“No, I have signed the card.”

“I still need to see your ID.”

“No, you do not. The contract with VISA states that it is illegal for you to ask for a photo ID if my card is signed, and it is illegal for you to make showing my ID a condition of acceptance. Therefore, I will not be showing you my ID.”

::long pause:: “Sir, we have to card anyone who buys cigarettes.”


That’s funny!

I usually get “the look” when I say I saw this or that on SDMB.

Thank you. I needed a good laugh!

It’s almost as if, when I tell my wife that I learned something on the SDMB, that it becomes invalid. Nevermind that she can’t produce evidence that I’m wrong, and I’ve never been found to be wrong. If I learned it on the SDMB its automatically wrong just because.


It is not ILLEGAL for them to ask for ID. It’s just that asking for ID is a violation of the merchant agreement.


[nitpickier nitpick]

Something that is in violation of civil contract law is still illegal.

[/nitpickier nitpick]

How much do cigarettes cost at the airport anyway? Are they super marked up like everything else?

My wife is just the opposite. If she hears something, or wants to know the truth about something, she tells me to “go ask your people”.

The legality of asking to see your ID aside, it is really a simple safety measure that costs you nothing but a few seconds of time. Why would you fight with someone who is trying to prevent credit card fraud?

My nitpick: Civil Law vs Criminal Law. Illegal acts are crimes and prosecuted by the State, a breach of contract is a civil tort for which the offended party may sue for damages. Another way of looking at it is: Nobody goes to jail for breach of contract, a person can go to jail for robbery.
dba Fred (not a lawyer)
p.s. I registered just to reply to this

My wife complains that I often credit the SDMB with information/knowledge I possess that she taught me. :smack: :o

Not in Portland. No sales tax and all that.

It was completely dead and I had nothing but time. Which is why I was buying them in the first place.

And…can we not re-hash the whole legality issues and “they’re just trying to help” arguments here please? We have plenty of threads for that.

I’m not saying that the clerk can go to jail for breaching the merchant agreement. All I’m sating is that the words “legal” and “illegal,” while perhaps heavily implying criminal acts, are not limited to that implication.