Somthing positive at a McCain rally

Oh how conveeeeeeenient. I smell a staged event. If it’s real, then it’s about time. It doesn’t say much for the campaign though. It’s about the voters.

No but if you see a woman being beat and you stop it then you do deserve some praise.

Coming soon to an erratic and impulsive campaign near you:

In a desperate attempt to throw a Hail Mary pass, McCain denounces the haters at his rallies, “All you small-minded, pea-brained troglodytes who hate my opponent because he’s a different-looking, independent, principled and decent man with whom I have some policy disagreements–Go to Hell, all of you. I don’t want your stinking votes, unless you actually support me because you agree with my policies. There’s no room here for ignorant trash expressing their gut prejudices, and I have no use for you. Go vote for someone else–I don’t want a single vote of yours. YOU are the true anti-Americans. I’m an American, and so is my opponent.”

Oh, come on! He’d probably just say they all look like trollops and are cunts.

Muslim For McCain Not Allowed To Talk To CNN

What, they’re afraid the base will find out that there are Muslim McCain supporters?

Lordy, these people (McCain’s people) are fucked up.

The campaign camp “won’t let him”? What are they going to do if he does?

Is it really equivalently remarkable, in this day and age, to tell people to stop being racist or offensive towards non-christians?

Okay, I’ll give them a golf clap for doing what anyone should do in that circumstance.

I’m totally willing to give credit where credit is due.

Those McCain supporters were great and I’m pleased to see them standing up to the wackos

Yeah, I’m sure that changed a lot of Obama suporters’ minds. If anything, that would make me more determined to cast my vote. What a bunch of scum bags.

This is the best video I have seen pertaining to the McCain campaign in any way.

Big /cheer to Daniel Zubairi for being a real American and a decent human being.

And damn, that Muslim lady is hot!