Somthing positive at a McCain rally

Asshole bigot and idiot gets slapped down by other McCain voters at a rally.

With all the negative stuff it’s only fair to show some good happening.

Just watched this. What a dickhead that guy was, cool to see the other people pull together.

I’m glad to see that, and I say that honestly.

I’ve always loved watching people who deserve comeuppance get their comeuppance.
p.s. That young Muslim girl was kinda cute.

That was nice, but I’m always a little skeptical of people who say things like “you just lost my vote,” unless they’re actually talking to the candidate. She was a Muslim McCain supporter who just then realized that there are anti-Muslim McCain supporters and withdrew her support on the spot? Seems a little theatrical to me.

Long time no read **Duke **. Great to see you posting again.

Too little, too late.

I wanted to see the cute conservative Christian guy turn to her and ask her out for coffee.

I watch too many movies.

This is edging into cynical conspiracy territory, but I think that’s probably why it showed up now. When McCain had a fighting chance, the moderates for McCain tolerated the jackasses because they needed those votes. Now that it’s tipping more and more to Obama with each week, infighting doesn’t really matter.

Eh, i’m a little put off about the camerman asking the guy his name. Plus it seemed a bit tightly edited. But kudos.

It almost makes up for this.

But, nah.

Is it just coincidential?

Perhaps we could call him Joe the Jerk.

If McCain really cared about this country, he’d tell these racist and biggoted assholes to go to hell. It might lose him the election, or it might gain him a lot of respect from the independents. I don’t know, but it’s the right thing to do. Neither party should cater to these people. They need to be marginalized as much as possible. I didn’t like them when they voted for Hillary, and I don’t like them now.

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Wow, yeah full agreement on both counts.

Good to see that guy from the McCain campaign give it a voice of authority. I wish his campaign had roving teams of guys like him. I think some day McCain will look back and wish he did too, because I think some of the blatant racism and fear mongering have lost him a lot of votes in a very close election.

Not to be a concern troll. I’ll be happy if McCain loses, but I do think that that kind of divisiveness is ultimately damaging to a country that I love.

In the spirit of the OP I just want to say that I’m a man who does not hit women. I should be praised for my virtue, right?

He’s losing the election anyway, so doing the right thing wouldn’t actually cost him anything, and he still won’t do it. That’s sad.

Wow. So much for my good mood. What a bunch of flipping idiots. :smack: