Son is getting eaten up by mosquitoes at camp. What's the best open area repellent?

He’s a counselor in training at a Boy Scout camp on Maryland’s Eastern Shore , and the mosquitoes are super fierce this year. What’s the best open area repellent he could place around the large 2 man tent he shares with another kid.

He’s getting bitten to pieces. What’s good mosquito prophylactic? Candles? torches?

I recall Consumer Reports doing testing of area repellants and they weren’t very happy with any of them.

Just look for repellant lotions with Deet in them. The more Deet, the better.

I use Deep Woods Off, and it seems to work very well, but your results may vary because even without any mosquito repellant I find mosquitoes always seem to prefer to feed from my companions. Lucky me.

There are no good open area repellents. Anything you buy is a waste of money.

Any product with DEET is the best personal repellent you can get.

Hope he’s having fun otherwise. Had some great years at camp “back in the good old days”.

A “Mosquito Magnet” or two will work wonders over a fair sized area. A propane unit covers 1 acre for less than $700! Check out HD and search for product name. Have him bill it to D.O.D. (Dear Old Dad)

I second the recommendation for Deep Woods Off.

Also, before asking your son to light torches or anything like that around the camp area, you’d better check with the camp administration to see if that’s permitted.

100% Deet.

A good mesquito net treated with Deet?

BTW, if he needs something to help relieve the itching, a doctor’s wife gave me this tip which I use all the time. Anti-perspirant or deoderant helps to sooth the itch.

I have to own up to impartiality here, as I know the people that make this stuff, but Arnywear is good stuff.

It’s an impregnated fabric that repels mosquitoes etc and can be washed without losing effectiveness. It’s available in various sizes so you can wear it, sleep under it, use it as a pillowcase or table cloth, use it as a bandanna, etc.

Oh and they ship internationally too…

I believe Ex Officio has a line of clothing called Buzz Off, which also has bug repellent intergrated into the clothing. Have never used it myself, just know it is available.