Son of "Trying to ID a Sci-FI story".

I would also like help remembering a Sci-Fi book that I once read. Here are the relevant points.

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[li]Society is run by a super computer called Uni, that basically drugs people in to being peaceful.[/li][li]There is a resistance movement.[/li][li]The protagonist starts slowing down deliberately so that the computer adjusts his medication and in essence under medicates him (so that he can “wake up”). The protagonist, by the way, has one brown eye one green. That was part of the cover art. [/li][li]He is caught, and “cured” but figures out (by seeing the dry spot that a leaf left on a rock after he spilled something on it) how to avoid all treatment by taping a cotton ball to his arm where they dermal spray injections happen.[/li]
I read this in high school, and would love to get it again as I remember enjoying it.

This Perfect Day by Ira Levin.

Whew. I posted that really fast, 'cause I love being the first to answer. And 'cause I know some others here know the book.

By the way, you have a pretty good memory for books, even if you can’t recall the titles. Your discription is pretty detailed, and I don’t think you remembered anything wrong.

Another facet of the society in the book that I always found interesting is that the computer only allows 4 male and 4 female names. Each one has a number attached so you can tell them apart, so they refer to the whole thing as their ‘nameber.’

Yes! You are the bomb!

Also, everyone dies at aprox. age 65. The people belive that death is inevitable at about that age; they don’t know that these are not natural deaths. The main character is surprised when he escapes and discovers that elsewhere people can live longer then that.

I don’t know why this book isn’t as well known as “Brave New World” and “1984”.