song cover versions

A simple title and the question is simple.

What are the most covered songs in the world?

Let me explain. I’ve google-ated my brain to a standstill.

I would like a simple list by number; not necessarily by the various artists involved.

Please fight my ignorance

Well…I don’t have the answer, but I would like to suggest to all who help that we limit ourselves to copyrighted songs…adding in all those publlc domain songs gets makes things WAAAAY too complicated…and add to that, is it really a cover in the first place if it’s public domain?

10 most covered songs.

I Googled “most covered songs” and pretty much every result is this list. Of course, they might just be copying each other.

I’m not even looking at runner pat’s list, but I’m gonna say that “Yesterday” is #1.

yeah that’s the kinda stuff i found everywhere.
there sems to be a lot of guessing and contradictions involved.

the OP began after an off the cuff remark that i made to my son about " something " by the beatles and how i’d read somewhere that it and " yesterday " were way at the top of the cover version list.

there followed the usual arguments. we googled to settle the issue.


round and round we go.

surely the songwriter’s/ musician’s/ and sundry hands-in-the-till people all want their 40cents ( guess ) worth of the songs. therefore, thought i, there must be a list.

or, failing that, a listable database to access.

silly me.

time for some meta searching.


How can the list not include “Memory” from CATS?

Or “Hallelujah”.

Probably has not been recorded by as many artists as you might have thought.

Most likely it’s in public domain.

I’d imagine Drain Bead is referring to the Leonard Cohen song, not the chorus from Handel’s Messiah.