Song "Hillbilly Nut"

Anyone know who wrote the song Hillbilly Nut?

Asleep at the Wheel has it on their first album Comin’ Right At You.


Composed by Leroy Preston

LeRoy was a member of Asleep at the Wheel from the time of their debut album, Comin’ Right at Ya. “Hillbilly Nut” appeared on that album, along with three other Preston originals.

Preston went on to write the song that was The Wheel’s only Top 10 hit on the country charts, “The Letter That Johnny Walker Read.” He wrote lots of country songs after that, his biggest success being Roseanne Cash’s #1 country hit “My Baby Thinks He’s a Train.”
Personal memory: I saw Asleep at the Wheel shortly after Comin’ Right at Ya came out. They were great! It was my first exposure to several country standards, including Hank Snow’s “I’ve Been Everywhere,” Hank Williams’ “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive” and Ernest Tubb’s “Drivin’ Nails in My Coffin.”

The latter two remain in my repertoire to this day, and I suppose it would wreck my country cred a bit if people knew that I learned them from the Wheel’s versions rather than the originals, which I only heard later.

At that show, some jack-off in the audience yelled out “Commander Cody!” — who by then were known for their hugely successful cover of “Hot Rod Lincoln.” While the Commander was instrumental in forwarding the Wheel’s early career, the band were obviously keen to set themselves apart from them. Ray Benson replied, rather sharply: “We’re Asleep at the Wheel…how ya’ doin’?”

Thanks guys, great info!