Song ID assistance / Bury My Heart

Blew me away the first time I heard it, late one night. Trying to ID
artist/title for the last 10 years.

This is Native American (?) poetry set to music. Heavy, catchy bass
riff, and almost a reggae guitar, sort of, combined with voice or
synth making a breathy wind sound in the background, and drum kit.

[Note: this is NOT the Indigo Girls, or Buffy Saint-Marie.]
[Maybe: John Trudell or Sherman Alexie?]


Bury my heart on the vast plains, where freedom quests end, in
merciless violence, cradling the dust of another frontier.

[chorus: Bury my heart, bury my heart]

Bury my heart, in cold print, on the dead dry leaves of books
unfinished, censored by a foreign mind

Bury my heart in the city of sorrow, amid mesas (mazes?) of broken
rock, which hide the evidence of natural power, soft and strong.

[chorus: Bury my heart, bury my heart]
Thanks for any help.

Oops - I just checked the forum guidelines. I posted too much of the song in the last message - Moderation, please hack off the last half the message, or replace it with this.

and it goes on

Might it be by Robbie Robertson?
It’s a while since I listened to his solo stuff, but maybe it’s a track on Music for the Native Americans or Redboy… I’m sure he did a ‘Wounded Knee’ song on one of his releases.
But when I read the thread title, I did think Buffy St.Marie!

I listened to the sound samples on Amazon – No, it’s not Robertson – but that was a really good guess. (Thanks.) Good music, too. Same sort of music, generally, and the right time period.

Then I got a bit more resourceful – I used Amazon’s People-Who-Bought-This-Also-Bought … and found some more possibilities, but still no luck.

Oh well. The search goes on.


I’m not being artcastic, but did you try to enter any of the lyrics (and the lyrics from your other four or five posts) into Google or another search engine? I’ve found songs that way just from a snatch of the lyrics.

Sir Rhosis

^^^ Make “artcastic” into “sarcastic.”

Thanks; yep, tried multiple search engines, and different music sites, and usenet over the last several years. Tracked down 30-40+ songs/artists that way. Amazing what you can turn up with just 3 or 4 words.

These five songs are the last. They’re all pre-1995, so they may not have made it into the web. So I’m gradually getting old-fashioned in my search – need to know something? – ask someone for the answer.