Song ID. -help me please.

Does anyone know anything about this song? It’s techno and the lyrics are wonderful. I can remember the following:

fish fish fish
eating fish

then a guy with a voice like a BBC documentary starts saying something like

have you ever heard about frogmen?

fish have underwater weapons
and are extremely dangerous

or something along those lines…
it was wonderful, someone please help me

I remember a bit more about it, maybe this will help:

Have you ever heard about frogmen?
They live on fish and get them by diving from great distances
Fish are extremely dangerous and have underwater weapons

fish, fish fish
eating fish

and so on.

I honestly have no idea. Sounds kind of like an Infected Mushroom song, but I don’t know…

Is this it? Soundbyte from (Fish by Mr. Scruff)

I believe there are several versions of this song with different beats. This particular sample is from the single.

That’s IT!!!
Thanks soooo much JAYROT, you are tops in my book