Song ID - lots of sunth, chorus repeats "media heads"?

Heard this song a few days ago on the local “'80s hits” station. 75% of what they play is 1977-1989 U.S. Hot 100 Singles (mostly Top 40) … the other 25% is stuff that might’ve charted on other Billboard charts aside from the Hot 100, or songs that might’ve charted in the U.K. but not in the U.S.

Anyway. I couldn’t catch a lot of lyrics to the song, but I could hear repeated words that sounded like “media heads … media heads …”. That basically seems to be the song’s chorus – and those words seemed to be the only lyrics over the second half of the song, repeated over and over. Sound-wise, it could just as easily been “medium beds” or some other soundalike phrase.

The song’s music is synth-based, but not ethereal Tangerine Dream type synths. Really punchy, peppy synth work.

Anyone got a idea. Thanks in advance for any help in uncovering this one.

Dirty Laundry by Don Henley?

“Radio Head” by Talking Heads?

“Dirty Laundry” I know well … it’s not that one.

“Radio Head” is in the ballpark, but I don’t think that’s it, either. There’s another version of that song that was performed in the movie True Stories by a singer named Tito Larriva. Checking that out now.

Heh … looking over my own old threads for kicks, and here’s one that was never answered. But I found out later that the song was “Media Man” by Flash and the Pan.