Song ID...repetitive song, German band, maybe?

I have a melody stuck in my head, and I can’t think of the song.

I think the song is song by a duo…two young men. I may be wrong, it may be a whole band.

The song is in English, but I think the singers may be German or Swedish…I can’t remember.

The song is one of those dreamy kind of techno/trippy songs. Think Portishead or Tricky or Grimes or something like that. I think the song may be a couple years old…2 or 3 years?

It is extremely repetitive…I think it only says one line over and over, then near the end, it sings a different line, then it ends with the song kind of layering those two lines. You know, like singing in rounds.

I am sure the song says something to the effect of, “She wants nothing to do with me…” Something like that.

Someone please help. It is driving me crazy.

Trio: da da da? “I don’t love you; you don’t love me” - YouTube

Sounds like the group Modern Talking, but their songs are all more than 2–3 years old, aren’t they? :confused:

Probably not your song, but here’s a sample of their work:

This is the first thing I thought of.

Trio’s Da Da Da is more than 23 years old, not 2 or 3 years old as mentioned. Although it did get some play as a VW commercial a few years back. Just had to point that out, and I’ve got nothing else to add.

Thanks guys, no. It’s not Da da da. It’s more dreamy and melodic than that. Sounds kind of like the singers may be youngish… This song seems a bit aimed at the younger generation. I know these are vague hints, but it’s all I’ve got. The melody is haunting me.