Song ID: She doesn't want me

I’ve got this song in my head, but I can’t think of the name. The refrain is something like, ‘She don’t want me… She doesn’t need me… She doesn’t want me… Anymore.’ Some Alternative song, I think. I may even have it – but I’m not looking through 3000+ tracks to find out.

That might be “She Don’t Know Me” by a very early Bon Jovi. “She don’t know me…She don’t need me…She doesn’t even know my name.” 1984 or 1985, IIRC. ETA: Is this it?

You beat me to it! Bon Jovi was the first thing to pop in my head.:smiley:

No, not Bon Jovi. Way too upbeat.

I tried a few variations of the lyrics you provided on and got the following:

Beck’s “Gettin’ Home”:
tell my baby I’m gettin’ home now
tell my baby I’m gettin’ home
she don’t need me
I don’t need me
who’s gonna need me?*

Neurotic Outsiders’ “Jerk”:

She don’t love me, she don’t want me
I’m so blind, I’m so fucking blind
She’s blown away my mind, she’s blown away my stupid mind

Sore Eros’ “And You I Am”:
I said I love you
You said I love you
Priceless words such don’t lie
You let our time just fly by
And you don’t comprehend
My feelings for you

She don’t care bout me
She don’t want me *

Not that one either.

Guy has a low voice. At the end of the line there’s a slight pause, then ‘Anymore’.

Is it Peter Cetera?

Or Gym Class Heroes Coming Clean?

Nope. None of those.

How about this?

Go here:

Enter these notes: f’4. f’4. g’4. d’‘4. f’4. f’4. g’4. d’‘4. f’4. f’4. g’4. d’‘4. f’4. d’‘4. c’'4.

That’s the progression, though the tempo is off. The tempo is like:

One-two-three, Four
One-two-three, Four
One-two-three, Four
One, two, threeee.

I want to do a post participle future tense of to be…

She never wanted me, She never needed me, She never wanted; she never got me, Nevermore.

“Sunshine” by Kenny Rogers? third song

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Definitely not Kenny Rogers. I tend to listen to ‘Alternative’ radio. In L.A. I listened to ‘Commercial Alternative’ (i.e., not really ‘Alternative’, but not Britney Spears either). Up here I listen to a college station. I don’t remember when or where I last heard the song. The melody is like what you can hear on the musipedia link, and the singer has a low voice. Sounds pretty melancholy.

This is what I thought of:

No, this is a more modern tune. Probably '90s.

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Or Iggy . . .

I think you are misremembering the lyric slightly. Pretty sure this is:

“They Don’t Want Me” from “Call of the West” by Wall of Voodoo.



The repeated chorus of the song is:

“They don’t want me
They used to want me
But they don’t want me

Stan has the low voice you are looking for, and this song (like many by WoV) is downbeat. There is a strong, steady beat that doesn’t really change through out the entire song. Alternative Radio is probably the only place this song would ever get airplay.

:smack: Of course!

And indeed, it is on my iPod. I used listen to albums all the way through. Nowadays I use Shuffle most of the time, and when I hear songs they are out of context.