Song in Office Max commercial?

Ok, what the heck is the name of that song on the new Office Max commercials? The commercial where the long legged dude with the afro is bouncing around and walking all funky, handing out office supplies in the strangest places.

I think the song was also in the movie Stripes. Or am I imagining that?

I just love that song. I can’t think of a single word in it right now.

I believe the song was Rubberband Man by Earth, Wind and Fire. I could be wrong about the band, though.

My mistake, it was the Spinners. My apologies.

The song is Rubberband Man by The Spinners.

D’oh…yeah, what KCSuze said. :slight_smile:

Hey, at least you got it right in your first post. :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks for the answers.

Was it also in the movie Stripes?

It doesn’t look like it’s on the soundtrack, but that doesn’t mean it’s not in the movie.

I’m pretty sure it was… er, hang on, I have a copy of this!

Yep, there it is. The scene where Bill Murray’s character leads the rest of the grunts into the strip bar. This song is playing there while the nice ladies wrestle in mud and remove one another’s clothing.

Er… hmm… this is a good movie isn’t it? q;}

:::gets lost watching, almost forgets to post:::

Yep, it IS a good movie. I just love that song, it is so funky or something.

Now, that I know the name of the song, I think that commercial is even funnier now because apparently the dude is supposed to be The Rubberband Man, which explains the long legs and the funky walk. Every time the commercial comes on I am riveted, but mainly it’s due to the song.

Thanks to everyone for the input and thanks Phnord Prephect for looking it up on your movie!

You can view the commercial here: