Song in Scrubs 9.21

Simple question. I tried to watch the end credits for it but they go by so quickly. Kind of makes me wonder why they bother. Anyway, it was the song at the very end of the show when the guy was doing karaoke. What song is this?

It’s Blue Eyes by the Cary Brothers. It’s also on the Garden State soundtrack.

Any one else noticing a lot of those songs appearing on Scrubs?

Hey thanks! That was fast. So are they any good? And was that guy doing karaoke at the end one of the Cary brothers?

Ha, oops. Just found out that Cary Brothers is the guy’s name. Well, after a look at, it seems that he’s got one CD with four tracks on it. One reviewer compared him to Dashboard Confessional. I’m not that big of a fan of Dashboard, but I did like the song “Blue Eyes.”

I’m assuming that the guy doing karaoke was in fact the real singer?

Yes, it was.