Song lyrics that don't convey the same message as the video

We Built This City — Starship

Featuring scenes of Las Vegas, the city that was built on greed with mob money, not rock and roll.
And what’s with the huge dice chasing the band?


die, right?

Total Eclipse Of The Heart.
Unlike the Literal Video which nails it perfectly.

Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson.

The song: I’m so glad you left I’m doing a whole lot better because being with you really messed me up

The video: I hate you and I’m jealous and I’m going to trash your place for revenge.

“Pull Me Under” by Dream Theater

Song: Not based on Hamlet as such, but based on the same subjects Hamlet was about, especially Hamlet’s philosophical musing over existence and death. Lyrics written by then-keyboardist Kevin Moore.

Video: To quote Mike Portnoy, the (now former) drummer of Dream Theater: “Who the hell was that wolfman guy in the video anyway? We had written it based on something else entirely”.

Every video ever made by OK Go.

Pat Benetar “Shadows of the Night”

The video is of a dream based on the first two lines of the song, and has nothing to do with the rest of it.