Song of Ice and Fire readers-- some advice and reviews, please.

For Father’s Day, I got my husband The Hedge Knight, which he is really enjoying. I’m thinking of shooting him over Dunk and Egg but not if the some of the stories repeat. Do t hey? Also, what other books in this universe have you read and liked? I believe The Hedge Knight takes place 1000 years before the events in Ice and Fire, as does Dunk and Egg. What of the others?

The Hedge Knight consists of three Dunk and Egg stories, and that is all there is. Martin claimed that he would write one or two more stories for the collection, and he did not.

ETA: That said, they’re good stories. But if you have The Hedge Knight, you already have all of them.

Thanks Frank. Good thing I asked.

I thought “The Hedge Knight” was the first Dunk and Egg story, followed by “The Sworn Sword” and “The Mystery Knight”?

O.K., just looked at my Amazon order and see that what I purchased was A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, which is all three Dunk and Egg novellas in one.

Any other Ice and Fire book recommendations?

The Dunk and Egg stories are really only about 80-90 years before the book events. At one point Dunk meets a young, obnoxious Walder Frey.

He might like World of Ice and Fire, if he likes worldbuilding-type stuff. It’s written to have a bias towards the Baratheon monarchy, and is pretty fun to “read between the lines.”

Ser Duncan the Tall is also mentioned briefly in A Storm of Swords. If I recall correctly, Jaime Lannister is thumbing through a book containing the history of the Kingsguard and Duncan is mentioned. I am not a sufficiently hardcore fan to pull the details out of my head right now, though.

That was obviously a brain fart on my part. In my defense, we were talking about the same thing, even though we didn’t know it. :slight_smile:

Very young… I think he’s a toddler (though still obnoxious).

If I remember correctly, the other two characters who show up in both:

  • Lord Bloodraven is the “three eyed crow” living in the tree that Bran meets
  • Egg mentions his older brother Aemon, who is Maester Aemon of the Night’s Watch

(A) Game of Thrones starts at the end of 297 AC. The Hedge Knight starts in 209. 1 AC (or is it 0) is the year that Aegon invaded and started the Targaryen dynasty. Valyria only blew up 114 BC. So the time period isn’t as long as you might assume.