Song Title/Lyric Help

It is a Saturday night and I have no date, nor do I want to venture out into this chilly night.
I am bored and want to write a song but my brain has collapsed upon itself (why doesn’t medulla-oblongata rhyme with anything catchy?)

So I turn to the esteemed SDMB for help.
I have a Yamaha keyboard, a Fender electric, and a no-name acoustic guitar.
Plus several 5 gallon plastic pails for percussion.

I got a first line of “My mamma was…” Key of whatever…

Why yes, I WILL have another brewsky, thank you very much!
Come on over and let’s jam.:cool:

My mamma was a drinkin’ woman.
But she never let no man pour for her.

Blues in G:

Well my mama drank her bourbon,
Never had no truck with gin.
Yeah my mama loved her bourbon,
Never had no truck with gin.
She said “I like my liquor dark and smoky,
LORD you know, just like I love my men.”

Can I get an amen?

I’m going to slide this topic over to CS.

Capo-ed up a few frets and my neighbor saw me howling at the setting moon out on my porch.
I think he was expecting a Don Ho tune or something.

The police came by and gave me the number of a voice coach.
I thought I sounded pretty good myself.

I like.
We need a second line…

Speaking of slide…
I now have mastered the beer-bottle long-neck slide in the key of G? or whatever.
My neighbor is happily banging on the drums which certainly will awaken all deer. rodents, and vermin.
The lyrics have changed slightly, which may get us in trouble if some random stranger wanders by and wants to sing along.

My mama was a trucker
She drove a big rig
A 12 hour shift was nothin’
Just another haulin’ gig

My daddy tried to stop her
from leavin’ us alone
But the highway was always callin’
And she’d go on her own.

My mama was a drinkin’ woman
but she never let a drinkin’ man pour
Well she never turned down a golden bottle
and she never closed an open door