Songs about kids growing up {Turn Around}

My sister has two kids, Twins, boy and girl, who will be turning 40 this year, and she is working on DVD photo show and wanted to add some music. She asked me to help find something appropriate.

I thought of Turn Around, which is a classic, and a song by Ceili Rain called Call Home.
She says Turn Around won’t work because it’s about a girl and she has one of each.
Way to make it challenging sis. I’m thinking Turn around can be edited to include them both.

I was wondering if anyone knew of other songs about kids growing up and then having their own kids, that might be appropriate, or just good songs of that sentiment.

Circle of Time, by Joni Mitchell.

Only about a boy, but could complement the Turn Around girl.

Sunrise, Sunset?

Cat’s in the Cradle is thematic, but negative, so better not to do that one.

My first thought was also Mitchell’s Circle Game. It’s a lovely complement to Turn Around. (Which, incidentally, my mother sang to me while helping me get ready to walk down the aisle. Many tears and new eye makeup required after that!) Another cheesy recommendation, apt for either gender: “I Hope You Dance.” And “Baby Mine” from Disney’s Dumbo. Guaranteed tears, but so lovely.

If you’re going for schmaltz, maybe “Teach Your Children” by C,S,N & Y.

Don’t know if it reeks too much of Oedipal / Electra issues but “Daughters” by John Mayer is a pretty tune and if you don’t listen too closely to the lyrics the chorus is kind of poignant.

The house at Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins?

Circle game, duh. Don’t know why I wrote Circle of Time.

Must be getting old… grumble, grumble.

Another thought; is the theme soley about them from a mother’s perspective? If she’s going to do a montage of them together as they were growing up she could use Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” (not a song about romantic love as some think) or even part of “We go Together” from Grease. What a fun project!

I don’t know if it’s an existing song (other than one written for this special) but the song from this Whoopi Goldbert/Carol Burnett sketch would work.

I guess we’re both getting old, because I didn’t notice the typo until you pointed it out, and recognized the not exactly contemporary song!

Anyway, another recommendation or two: Elton John’s “Blessed” or “Circle of Life,” the Nat & Natalie Cole duet of “Unforgettable,” or “Lean on Me” - either the Bill Withers version or Club Nouveau’s version from the Eighties. If you’re into Motown, you could also do a “My Girl/My Guy” mashup, and the progress logically to Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend,” and James Taylor’s “Whenever I See Your Smiling Face.” And maybe Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Monsters Inc.

The nauseating “Watching Scotty Grow” by Barry Goldsboro. It was used in a Simpsons episode where Homer was trying to build a battle robot for Bart.

I will always and forever associate that song with a centipede-like robot punching a mailbox.

In my daughters eyes

Not to be confused with “Watching Scotty Die” by The Dead Milkmen.

Ben Folds has two kids, a boy and a girl, though not twins. He’s written a song for each of them. For his son, he wrote Still Fighting It. He wrote Gracie for his little girl.

Maybe one or both of those…?

Thank you everyone for some the suggestions. Some great stuff to consider.

I suggested she might remember songs they liked when they were adolescents and put in bits of those. It’s simple to do a search for hits from a specific year or few years. I’m sure she’ll find something that will work. I even offered to turn several clips into one MP3 for her. I hope I didn’t over offer. :slight_smile:

No link?

Puff, the Magic Dragon

Que Sera, Sera” by Doris Day?

Probably, “The Day Billy Joe McAllister Jumped Off the Telahachee Bridge” is not a good one.