Songs by Bands that Don't Exist

That would cover the entire career of Aerosmith, in my case.

The Muppets have released quite a few albums. They’re about as unreal a band that doesn’t exist that there is (there is precisely one error in that sentence :slight_smile: ).

I guess Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band doesn’t count though.

Along those lines, can we include my favourite Japanese small-bar band, Priss and the Replicants of Bubblegum Crisis fame? How would that be for “bubblegum music,” Spoons?

While the vocals to “Konyawa Hurricane” are actually sung by Oomori Kinuko (Priss’s voice actress), Priss and the Replicants are still a fictional band.

Believe it or not, though, there really is an American band now called Bubbblegum Crisis.

Derek and the Dominoes - Layla
IIRC the recocorded voice of The Archies was that of the songwriter Andy Kim who best known for his song - Rock me Gently.

How about Steely Dan, they were never really a group, they were mostly session men hired by Walter Becker and Donald Fagan and no two albums had even similar line ups.

Well, my “Back to the Future” soundtrack features Johnny B Goode performed by “Marty McFly and the Starlighters”


Wasn’t the Alan Parsons Project a studio band?

And how about The Partridge Family? I know “I Think I Love You” was pretty popular. But I’m not sure if it was attributed to The Patridge Family or just David Cassidy.


I don’t know about the Alan Parsons Project, but “I Think I Love You” was definitely attributed to The Partridge Family, even though it was essentially David Cassidy’s recording…

From The New Book Of Rock Lists (Dave Marsh and James Bernard, copyright 1994 by Fireside Books), other studio bands include:

The Atlanta Rhythm Section
Booker T. and the MGs
Full Force (they had a hit with Lisa Lisa/Cult Jam a few years ago)

…and Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band…

Would Three Little Pigs by Green Jelly count? It was a pretty basic song, with a cool little video clip.

It made it onto the charts, which is pretty good for a song that concludes:


Then there’s NWH and their songs, from “Fear of a Black Hat”.

I’m not sure whether he ever managed to get into the US charts with one of his made-up bands, but Jonathon King has had a string of hits with non-existant bands, many of which made number one!:

Some examples of charting songs and ‘groups’:

It Only Takes A Minute - 100 Ton And A Feather
Loop Di Love - Shag
Johnny Reggae - Piglets
Sugar Sugar - Sakkarin
In The Mood - Sound 9418
The Sun Has Got It’s Hat On - Nemo
Its The Same Old Song - Weathermen
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction - Bubblerock
Leap Up And Down (Wave Your Knickers In The Air) - St. Cecilia
Chick-A-Boom - 53rd And 3rd featuring The Sound Of Shag
Lick A Smurp For Christmas - Father Abraphart And The Smurps
It’s Good News Week - Hedgehoppers Anonymous

And under his own name:

Una Paloma Blanca - Jonathan King
Hooked On A Feeling - Jonathan King
Just Like A Woman - Jonathan King
Everyone’s Gone To The Moon - Jonathan King
I’ll Slap Your Face (Entertainment USA Theme) - Jonathan King

It was always fun when a new ‘strange’ record was released, to guess if Jonathon King was behind it, or if it was a ‘real’ group.
And of course for the Europeans (and lampooned above) there was always Father Abraham and the Smurfs!

Toto? Atlanta Rhythm Section? I had no idea they weren’t real bands. Especially Toto, since they had some great hits and made videos.


Would any song by The Monkees qualify? :eek:

They were a real group that included Eric Clapton annd Duane Allman among it’s members. They didn’t last long because of drug problems, but they did actually tour.

Every resource I’ve ever heard of has said that the vocals of the Archies and many other “studio bands” were provided by Ron Dante.

Sorry, they are quite a real band. Becker and Fagan were indeed the nucleus of the band, but they had a number of musicians who were on several albums including their longtime friend Denny Diaz on guitar and the late Jeff Porcaro on drums. With the exception of David Palmer, a lead singer that only actually sang lead on a few songs, the line-ups on their first two albums are identical.

Chris W

No, no, no … Toto and the Atlanta Rhythm Section are true bands in every sense of the word. Just because a band comprises former studio players doesn’t mean that the bands aren’t “real”. That would mean the Eagles and Mr. Mister were not real bands.

Now, studio players put together for a one-shot deal, as well as fake band names, are what the OP’s radio station was going after – The Chipmunks, Steam, the Archies, and Stars on 45 (not mentioned yet).

Steely Dan and the Alan Parsons Project, too, count as real bands. Both changed members often, but both had definite core players (Fagen/Becker and Eric Woolfson, respectively).

Riserius1 is correct about Ron Dante’s vocals on “Sugar Sugar”. Now, as one of Don Kirschner’s “house” songwriters, Andy Kim DID write songs for the Archies – most notably “Sugar Sugar” (co-written with Jeff Barry).

The man is a god, though a disturbed one. “There were several weeks when I had three singles in the charts at the same time under different names.” I heard that once on “Top of the Pops,” or somesuch British programme, he had to wear two or three disguises to cover up that fact.

In addition to his own hits he discovered 10cc (renaming the guys from Hotlegs who gave us “Neanderthal Man.”), Genesis, and the Bay City Rollers. In true King fashion, for one song he WAS the Bay City Rollers. He also produced the Rocky Horror soundtrack after having been an early investor in the stage show.

And he still found time to be a pederast! :rolleyes:

… Ummm… The Gorillaz are real people. Just because they’ve adopted animated personas for the videos doesn’t make them UNREAL.
Noodle is one of the ladies from Cibo Mato and the lead singer is from Blur.

It’s a super group and very far from being “a fake band”

And then there’s Stillwater from Almost Famous. I realize Nancy Wilson wrote a lot of the music for the movie, I think she may have even written “Fever Dog” [my favorite], but I’m not sure who was singing or who made up the rest of the band.

Sorry, kyomara, you don’t win anything.

Leaper’s actual question was:

The name of the song you quote is The Witch Doctor. But that was not put out under the band name “Alvin and the Chipmunks”; rather it was credited to David Seville (as performer, as well as writer). The actual name of the song in Leaper’s challenge is “The Chipmunk Song.”

Let me just preview to make sure I haven’t been beaten to the punch…

Nope. I claim the prize.

Surprisingly, I don’t believe anyone has mentioned Alvin and the Chipmunks.

I have it on good authority that none of them are really chipmunks at all.