Songs used in Mysterious Skin?

Saw Araki’s latest the other day, loved it (though I’m not even a fan- except for his classic girl-meets-boy romcom Splendor ). The music was great, but all I can seem to find online is the instrumental soundtrack (all by the Cocteau Twins, I think). I’m sure there’s a Sigur Ros song in there, too, but I can’t identify it. Anyone else catch this and know the song I mean? Or somewhere where I can find the complete soundtrack listing?
Feel free to post your thoughts on the movie in general. Even if you hated it, you have to admit- Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a damn good actor. I can’t remember the last time I saw a performance that good (except maybe from the cast of Mean Creek ). I hope he’s got some equally challenging projects lined up.

Well, SR gets a Special Thanks credit in the film, and I found several reviews citing him (them?), but not naming the song (which isn’t on the soundtrack album, either).

I’ll be seeing the film next week, so I’ll try to remember to keep an eye out…