Songs you know that AREN'T parodies but you'll probably never hear anybody else sing

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who knows all four verses of “The Star Spangled Banner” or Gene Roddenberry’s lyrics to the Star Trek theme.

Without looking them up, can you tell us the real lyrics to “I’m Popeye, the Sailor Man,” “The Streets of Cairo,” or any other songs you’ll probably never hear anyone else sing?

For some reason I memorized the words to the Popeye theme song. I’m not sure sure what the board rules for this are, but if you’re curious there’s several videos on YouTube containing the complete lyrics.

Right, if you can sing it without looking it up, that qualifies. I’d be surprised if anyone else could.

I know the first verse of Solidarity Forever. Anyone else?

Odd - when I hear “Scotland the Brave” (great number, btw) I don’t hear any lyrics being sung - just bagpipes.

Oh, there are lyrics, I assure you.

I laughed when I looked up the origin of “The Streets of Cairo” just now. All I could hear was a quote from Seinfeld.

I know - I spose I should have re-worded that.


It’s funny how it has a second life in commercials now, but I doubt Lady Gaga or anyone is going to do a cover.

Are you familiar with the World War 2 story of the sentry who captured German infiltrators by asking them to sing the third verse . . . . because he knew that no real American was likely to remember it?

I had patriotically obsessed 4th and 6th grade teachers… hmm, let’s see…

On the shores dimly lit
Through the mists of the deep (??)
Though the foe’s haughty host (not quite it)
And the (something) desolation
yeesh, not doing well on the second verse, let’s try the third…

And thus be it e’er
Where free men shall stand
… some stuff
And conquer we must
When our cause it is just
And this be our motto
In God is our trust
And long shall that star spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free
And the home of the brave

Less well than I expected, to be honest, but some decently large fragments came back to me

I know all the words to the Buster Brown shoe commercial (circa 195?).

My big goal in life is to once sing along to “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan without stumbling over the words. I’ve known the song for a long time and theoretically know all the words , but I haven’t pulled it off so far. I doubt anybody else than Dylan can do it.

I can sing, word for word, the theme song to the 1960’s TV show “Car 54, Where Are You” I have no explanation why I remember that 60 years later when I saw the program when I was 7-8.


I just so happen to know a couple lines from a 70’s animated one:

Here’s Buster Brown,
He lives in a shoe,
Here’s his dog Spot (RUFF!)
He lives in there too!

The Last Post?

They must have changed his name. It used to be Tige.

Maybe with cue cards.

That’s why they didn’t reuse the music for Star Trek: The Animated Series. Roddenberry added the lyrics without original composer Alexander Courage’s knowledge. Courage didn’t want to share royalties with him and refused to give permission.

Well played! :laughing:

Courage was told, he just didn’t pay attention. Hard to believe someone who had been working in Hollywood for so long failed to read the fine print on the contract.

I used to be able to sing all the words to Life Is A Rock by Reunion.

Kukla, Fran and Norman Okla, Denver John and Osmond Donny…