Sonic Generations

Anybody else getting this? I’m picking it up at midnight tonight. Unleashed was okay. Sonic 4 was… disappointing, nauseatingly easy, and unoriginal, but not bad. Colors was actually a good game, though the scoring system for S ranking was perhaps a little bonkers. But this one looks amazing, the demo was glorious and while the reviews have been mixed-trending-towards-positive, it looks exactly like what I want. I’ve heard a couple complaints, slight input lag and graphics stuttering mostly, but it look great, I plan on making this my first 100% achievement/trophy game. I’m importing the collectors edition from New Zealand on PS3, but my mom is getting a 360 and she wants generations, so she told me to get it for 360 and play it a bit until my shipment comes in.

I’ll post impressions whenever I get done playing it.