Sonicare life?

I started using a Sonicare some months back. The instruction manual says a fully charged brush should be good to go for a couple of weeks. Anyone here use one, and found this to be true?

In about five hours I’m leaving to visit family, I’ll be gone for eight or nine days. Will I be safe leaving my charger at home?

In my experience yes. I have left mine sitting in the base but unplugged for 5+ days and the display still showed a couple of bars. I’ve only ever traveld with it for 3 days or so and it still showed full bars.

Don’t forget that in a pinch you can do regular, non-electric brushing for a couple of days with your sonic care, if you run out of juice before the end of your vacation.

8 or 9 days? Sure. Unless you brush 4 times a day or something.

I took mine on the road for 15 days, and it still showed as almost fully charged by the end of that. I’ll never take my travel charger with me again.

Hell, my brush is almost ten years old and even I don’t worry about taking the charger with me when I travel.

My last stint was for five days at my parents house over Thanksgiving holiday. No problems. I’m fairly certain battery life improvements have been made in the past ten years. So I’d say it’s a safe bet.