Sony T-1 and movies

i took a movie with my sony t-1 and stored it on my computer. i tried to put it back on the chip so i could go show my friends. it was on the chip, because i saw the memory bar somewhat depleted. yet the singular folder was empty. what ever can i do?

I’d head over to the Sony forum on and ask them.

But as a wild guess, the memory stick has a file structure with number of different directories. You probably put the movie in the wrong one. I think you can change the default directory in the camera settings, although that may be more trouble than it’s worth. There’s also a small chance that you changed the name of the file so that the camera doesn’t recognize it anymore.

but all i did was transfer off of the camera. defaultly. i then went to the movie, hit send to memory card. it sent, but is not viewable via camera

Definately ask this question at or, someone there will know the answer.