Soooo... anything interesting happen in the last three years?

Actually, I remember that one from before I left. I was trying to find it in the archives but the search feature doesn’t like the word “ray” for some reason. I’m surprised to hear that it’s still being used!

It was my pleasure,

BTW, HalBriston,lefthiscomputerunattenedandsomeoneprobablyacoworkerstartedathreadmakingitseemlikeHaltypeditinwhichheadmittedheliketohavesexwithsheep!!

Welcome back. I remember your name. I used to be pugluvr - there’s a change happened within the last three years.

How long ago was Collounsbury banned? I’m thinking it was within the last three years. I bet he’d have a thing or three to say about the current state of affairs in the middle east.

[li] Gotcha ya![/li][li] Once. In 1960. For twenty minutes.[/li][/ul]

I think the first one’s older than three years.

How about fucko off!? That’s always been my favourite one. It might be older than three years too, though.