Sorkin, O'Dowd give us new West Wing

Well, sort of. A fun read.

With all of his money, Obama should really consider having Sorkin ghost some of his speeches.

Read that yesterday and forwarded it to a couple people. Sorkin’s a great writer. I like the part about how if Obama’s daughter had become pregnant at 17 etc., he’d come in 5th behind Barr, Nader and a ficus.

Get angry, Barack.

I loved that! I heard Martin Sheen’s voice as I read it. “The West Wing” helped us get through tough times, letting us indulge in the fantasy of a President that was smarter than ourselves. I can hardly wait for it to become reality.

Unfortunately, I don’t think even Biden would be dumb enough to take that advice. I wonder if the copyright laws would prevent McCain using the whole column in his next fundraising letter, or if will have to use excerpts. I guess we don’t have to ask what he was smoking when we wrote that exchange.

I miss Sorkin. I miss Sports Night. I miss West Wing up until Zoey got rescued. I miss Studio 60.

Sigh. Sorkin’s too good for network TV.

God, that was brilliant. I could hear Bartlett saying all that, and I wanted Leo (:frowning: ) and Josh and Toby and Sam and CJ to come in and back in him up.

I miss The West Wing.

And he made a point I’ve been pondering for a while - why presidential candidates seem to have to go out of their way to prove how ordinary they are - just like regular folks, etc. Nowt to do with me, of course, being a Brit and all, but I really don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want the leader of the free world to be extraordinary.

Seriously, I don’t want me or my friend’s mom or that really cool guy down the way at the Biegarten to be president. I want a highly educated policy nerd with extraordinary leadership and public speaking skills, as well as a curious and logical mind.

I can get behind missing early West Wing and Sports Night. But, Studio 60 too good for tv? Studio 60 was using tropes that network tv gave up 50 years previously. Locked on the roof with no key? Gonna keep saying I love you til you agree. Angry black man writing comedy?

I loved the idea of Studio 60 and thought the characters were interesting and pretty well developed. The execution? A lot was missing. He ended up giving us a 14 episode therapy session instead of good drama. That wasn’t even good enough for Bravo.

I think the problem with Studio 60 is that it was presented with the same gravitas as West Wing. Leading the Free World != Running a late night comedy show.

Anyway, I definitely got a Jed Bartlett vibe from this piece, which was nice. I’m looking for either Obama or Biden to have a “Can we have it back?” moment in a debate…