Sorry about that, spider...

… but you oughtn’t have hidden in my slipper.

So I’m disrobing so I can take a shower, and I see something on my toenail. I reached down and picked it up, and it was a dead spider. The only place it could have come from was my left slipper. I catch spiders and take them outside; not kill them. Pity, it chose a poor place to hole up. Down the sink it went.

Mean. There, now you’ll feel bad.


I love spiders, and usually just leave them, but one time a very big one decided to watch arachnophobia with me. Nope. Sorry spider. That just crossed a line.

I once rescued/relocated a spider, only to see it pounced on by another spider the moment I set it down. That was rather depressing.

I’m not fond of spiders but I leave them alone, as long as they remain in dark corners or on the walls & ceiling. But if a spider crawls across the floor or on my furniture, it dies. It has nothing to do with hating spiders, it’s specifically to discourage that particular evolutionary path – the fewer floor-crawling spiders survive, the more unlikely they are to reproduce and create more floor-crawling spiders.

It genuinely works. :wink:

What if it crawls across your bare foot? I was brushing my teeth one morning, and one of those big giant house spiders crawled across one of my feet. After I finished brushing my teeth, I caught it and took it outside.

Actually, no spider in recent memory has ever crawled across my bare feet, thanks to my Arachnid Artificial Selection Program. :cool: Crickets sometimes do, though. And crickets really squick me out, oddly enough. I hate the way they shudder and swirm in the paper towel before I crush the life out of them (they are also subject to the A.A.S.P., y’see – my apologies to all insect lovers, but it’s in the name of science.)