sorry for asking this but i have to know

What is the air speed velosity of an unladen swallow?

afican and european

i MUST know

If you said to me ‘I MUST know the time’ I’d tell you to go and busy yourself with your genitals.
If you asked nicely I’d happily try to find out.


Sorry for asking this but I have to know…

…why the urgency?!

Sadly IANAOrnithologist, so can’t help. But your thread title really intrigued me.

Between 40 and 50mph

To andy : i was not rude i just made it clear i have a great need for the answer and if some one said to me “i MUST know the time” i would tell them because they seem to have a great need for the time so it would be quite important to them

To a_gherkin: well done

To istara: what urgency? I do have to know but no where did i say i need to know now

to Mangetout: thank you, but is that not the average speed? i thought velosity was measured in knots?

Laden or Bin Laden?

jjimm that actuly made me smile

Rattman - ah, ok, a burning need, not a timed need! I understand. I just wish I could help. If it was the name of an actor who starred in an obscure Star Trek episode, you would probably wake up at 3am with the name on your lips.

The chances of latent bird speed knowledge seem less.

Between 34 and 43 knots then :rolleyes:

Velocity can be measured in anything you fancy; most commonly it would be metres per second, but you could have yards per minute, furlongs per fortnight, cubits per decade; whatever; they are all linear scales and are all directly inter-convertible.

Do you have to cross a bridge or something?

Remember, you have to keep asking the questions and never say “I don’t know”… :wink:

34 to 43, is that an african or european swallow?


I wish I could summon the enthusiasm to go looking for you, but I fear you’d only come back with a question about laden and unladen weights, but hey, the Internet is now available to all; my recommendation for you is to try this search engine - try searching on the terms swallow and either velocity or speed
Another tip is to add the terms -python and -laden and possibly -"really funny" - this will eliminate a good deal of the hits based on the endless puerile repetition of what was once a stunningly original piece of comedy.