"Sorry we don't have Coke is Pepsi fine?" "Actually no it's not..." Do you refuse other brand colas?

I like Coke* about twenty times more than Pepsi. BUT my favorite bar only has Pepsi, so I drink that. The bartenders are pretty gruff, so they usually don’t explain if someone orders a Coke. Sorry, OnlyCokeFans…

But I’ve got to say, their soft drinks have a high syrup/fizzywater ratio, so the Diet Pepsi from their “gun” is better than a can of Diet Coke.

Thanks for that comment, it helped me realize it’s that bite that I like… and why I stockpiled Real Coca-Cola when it was replaced by ‘New Coke’. That stuff was overly sweet and biteless.

*(and the newish Coke Zero Sugar… it’s got more of that bite than Diet Coke.)

You Flirt!

No pepsi!! Coke!

Once when I was a kid we stopped at a gas station and I got a Pepsi from a machine (remember vending machines with bottles?) I threw up. (The gas stations still had maps, that’s how long ago it was.)
Only Coke for me. Or a Mountain Dew if they only serve Pepsi products.
When I was in college we mainlined 16 oz. Cokes from the Coke bottler across the Charles River who delivered them right to our dorm loading dock.

I’ve always preferred Coca Cola over Pepsi and as I got older, Pepsi would upset my stomach. I stopped drinking Coca Cola years ago, but would never accept Pepsi.

I certainly remember Jolt, although I don’t think I ever tried it. A diet version would seem to defeat the whole purpose of its existence.

Jolt’s place in the market would seem to have been taken over by stuff like Red Bull and other “energy drinks.”

I like coke and pepsi so i wouldn’t refuse either one, but if you come at me with like dr pepper or anything diet (zero calorie is fine) we are going to have issues.

Yeah, Dr Pepper isn’t a cola. Its base is almond extract. Although when we were kids we called it carbonated prune juice. Me no likee.

I like the extra flavors in Pepsi. The “bite” in Coke tastes sour and off to me. Not good sour like lemon. Bad sour like something that’s turned.

I don’t care

I prefer Diet Coke. I dislike Coke Zero and Diet Pepsi. Sometimes I’ll skip it and just have water, but other times I’ll insist they bring it with lemon, which improves it. (Diet Dr Pepper is not served in restaurants here, so it’s not an option.)

I worked in an ad agency with the guy who wrote that!

"All The Sugar and Twice the Caffeine.”

Great guy (Hey, Tim!) who’d been a youngster just starting out when he came up with that.

Back in college, we had “Bacardi and Jolt” parties. The tag-line was, “Party Till They Shoot You Down!”

Jolt was great, I’m afraid of what it would do to my stomach today, but it was great back in the day.

I never found Jolt to be “good” (taste-wise it was ok). Jolt was my go-to drink when pulling an all-nighter in college back in the late 80s. Mostly it just made me jittery and I learned that it did not make me less tired, it just made me unable to sleep.

Energy drinks had not been invented yet.

My wife insists she really can’t tell the difference between Coke, Pepsi, or their diet namesakes. But this week the store was temporarily out of her regular Diet Coke, so I grabbed a pack of Coke Zero in the fancy Starlight cans. She took one sip and said, “This isn’t Diet Coke. It’s too sweet.”

Starlight Coke Zero is not Coke Zero in a different can, it is flavored differently. That was a switcheroo on her. Starlight Coke Zero is more different than Coke Zero than Coke Zero is similar to Diet Coke.

I like both Coca Cola and Pepsi about the same. I think I could tell the difference between them in a blind taste test at least from the bottled versions. The fountain ones I am not to sure because of the variables of being mixed right.

I AM pretty particularly about the root beer I drink though. Most major commercial brands are way too sweet for my taste and don’t have enough “root” flavor.

So you’re telling me there are two different types of Coke Zero? And they’re both different than Diet Coke? But that my wife, who swears she can’t tell the difference between Coke and Pesi somehow manages to find Starlight Coke Zero a strange and alien formula? What the hell are they making it with, rum?

I slightly prefer Pepsi, but honestly in a Fountain drink I can’t tell the difference with any reliability. And slip a lime wedge in there and any small difference is gone.

Or as my fellow Doc says : :stuck_out_tongue:

It is mostly Coke drinkers, most of whom can’t tell the difference. And about 60% of those who could, actually found themselves choose Pepsi over Coke in a blind taste test.

Pepsi does have a little more sugar, but with citrus notes, while Coke has Spice notes, so they taste about the same sweetness level to most. However, the tastes are quite similar.

Yes, that’s what I’m telling you. There are at least 5 types of Coke Zero.

Starlight comes as both Zero Sugar and sugared.

Then there is that weird Byte version-never seen it in the stores. Supposedly tastes like pixels.

Then there is Coca-Cola with coffee. 5 flavors of that, one of which is Zero Sugar.

And yes, there still is Diet Coke, 3 versions. The flavored Diet Cokes are no more.

I prefer Coke over Pepsi, always diet/no sugar, although I’ll cheerfully drink Pepsi if that is what is offered. I can tell the difference between between Diet Coke and Coke Zero, side by side but it isn’t a big deal to me. Diet Pepsi vs. Diet Coke is a more pronounced difference.