sorry wrong number

I got back from class today and noticed I had 1 missed call on my cell phone. I didn’t recognize the number so I figured it was one of my friends that I never got a number from. As I was waking up from my afternoon nap my cell rang. It was the number from before and I answered it. Some older man was on the other side and was asking for a John. My name isnt John so I told him he had the wrong number. He told me the number he dialed and it was my number. I kept telling him he was given the wrong number for this guy but he would not even listen to me and kept asking for John and was getting very angry. He finally told me to take a message for when John got back. I was going to hang up but decided to get even with him and said I would take down the message and give it to John when he gets in. This is the message that he gave me “tell John that he does not have to take the trip down here tomorrow, I don’t need help afterall”…should be interesting if this “John” doesn’t find out and takes that trip.

Seems a little unfair on John. I wonder how long that trip is! I can see why you did it though.

The guy’ll probably be mad at you tomorrow for pretending to know John and taking the message :rolleyes:

And he knows your phone number! (but I guess you know his, too, so. . .well. . .I forgot what I was going to say).


I always find it weird that people stay on the phone long enough for people to say “This is the right number” because whenever someone calls, and asks for a non-existant person (in my house), after I say “Sorry, you have the wrong number”, I hang up.

They never phone again either…

I like to make sure they dialed wrong, because if they have the wrong number written down, MY number, then they will call back again and again. The other day some lady had my number for some other lady she was supposed to play tennis with. She woke me up at 7:00 am on my day off! She sounded so forlorn when I assured her she had the wrong number…

(She apologized for waking me up, too…)

i was trying to be polite and let him know he had the wrong number written down but he started yelling at me and demanding that I stop holding him up and put John on the phone.
I do feel bad for John but I like to think he found out anyway

Just wait, in a day or so, your phone will ring, and you’ll hear “This is John, have I had any calls?”[sub]tehe[/sub]

I would have called him back and demanded to speak to John. :eek: :confused:

But, as Troub said, he knows your number…

“Dave’s not here!”

On a related note, here is the documentation of a correspondence which began when a guy named Josh intended to e-mail his quasi-stepbrother* Brett, but screwed up the address and sent the message to a Brett who just happened to be a published author of humor.

*in a nutshell, Josh’s mom and Brett’s mother are a lesbian couple, and Brett was living with the women while older “bro” Josh was at culinary school

I used to get an older rambling man on my answering machine all the time talking to a ‘john’. After listening to it I realized John was a firefighter and this guy was telling him about meetings shift changes and some info it sounded flat out dangerous if john never got the message. (this was very frustrating for me b/c my answering machine repeated my number AND identified me as the only person that could be reached at this number) He always called when I was at work so I never managed to talk to him. I finally called the fire department and talked to a few people there. Thankfully they must have gotten it straightened out b/c I never got a call again.