Sotomayor: Maybe a Racist. Definitely an Egomaniac.

Everyone knows the infamous quote by now, so I won’t repeat it.

Never mind the Latina part, but what kind of conceited gasbag seriously refers to herself as “wise” in a public lecture? I guess you have to believe it in order to function as a judge, but it takes a special kind of person to come right out and say it. Criminy. If I were the Solicitor General, I’d be praying for some kind of scandal to break and ruin her nomination, just so I wouldn’t have to argue cases in front of her.

…that all you got?

The more fool me, I guess, I don’t know that I was expecting when I opened this. To be really brief, not only is this OP several months late, but Sotomayor was not talking about herself, and was referencing a famous comment by Sandra Day O’Connor, so if you believe Sotomayor was being an egomaniac, you have to include O’Connor, too - and since this pitting is late, why the fuck not pit her also? Aside from all that, if Sotomayor needs to believe that about herself, and I agree that she does, what the fuck is wrong with her saying it? Propriety demands she be arrogant but be quiet about it? We don’t have enough people who won’t say what they mean, so we need to criticize her for stating the obvious? What a buch of bullshit.

I’d like to pit Chief Justice Henry Brockholst Livingston. That fucker was racist, too.

You know, the particular single statement, apparently cherry-picked from a single speech made more than a decade ago, that everyone keeps harping on is not very convincing. It’s unconvincing in the same way that the Right-Wing Noise Machine’s claim that a single statement by a pastor somehow amounts to twenty years of racist speech, and that the current President is a racist by extension for having listened to that speech.

Sotomayor’s got a long record as a federal judge. Presumably if there was some sort of bias in her decisions, it would be evident in the public record. I find it curious that the right-wing noise machine, with all that data just laying there for review, can’t seem to find anything in her court record to hang her with.

As for being an egomaniac, in my view it would be a struggle for any judge not to have such tendencies. I don’t really care much, as long as she shows some signs of logical analysis in her decisions.

You’re right, she wasn’t talking about herself. I stand corrected.

The rest of your post is a pile of steaming manure, especially the part about this being brought up “several months late”.

Besides the fact that it wasn’t about her, would you prefer she said any old Latina?

Okay, it’s close to two months since the comment became widely known, so it’s not several. (The comment itself is eight years old, but never mind.) Given the amount of hashing and rehashing that has taken place since then, it feels like more.

If she had been talking about herself, though, I think your criticism is dumb. If she needs to have faith in her wisdom to do a job, I don’t think it’s egomaniacal or wrong for her to say so. It’s an acknowledgement of the obvious, or at least of an obvious conceit. And judges talk all the time about how wise the court is, even when they are in the middle of criticizing the majority for making a stupid decision. It’s part of the job.

So we’ve now killed the “definitely an egomaniac” part of your thread title, and I’m guessing the racist was a rhetorical flourish.

The only steaming pile here is your sad OP.

Amusingly enough, before the hearings the Republicans were whining that the process was being dreadfully rushed and that they needed lots more time to go carefully through her voluminous record in order to interrogate her properly. Her record must be examined fully, they declared, in order to test her fitness for the Supreme Court.

Then they get to the hearings and it’s all “wise Latina/New Haven firefighters”, over and over and over again. They have their pathetic little collection of tattered talking points and they go back and back and back to them ad nauseam. It’s as if none of them had ever heard the term “asked and answered.”

That “egomaniac” is going to be on the Supreme Court. Get used to it.

Calling yourself “wise” is the sign of an egomaniac? If she called herself the “wisest person in the universe” or something maybe.

I get it. Hyperelastic is a reference to the truth in your world.

If she’s said only one stupid thing in the past 10 years, I think she should be promoted from supreme court justice to god-empress. I say something that stupid on a weekly basis. (Sometimes while sober!)

I refer to myself as “sophmoric”. Does that count?


ZOMG! A federal court of appeals judge thinks she’s hot shit!* I’ll call the New York Times.

Seriously, you don’t have much experience with federal prosecutors or the federal judiciary, do you?

If you’re under the impression there are people who think they’re smarter than you, this post proves them right.

Hyperelastic, you’re right. We should have people who think they’re stupid as judges.

Nothing personal, Gato, just had to shake the tickle out of my funny bone.

It does take a very special kind of egomaniacal windbag to become a litigator, I couldn’t agree more. Who other than a person with an ego as large as a barn would rub their hands with glee at the prospect of getting to present days and days of evidence to unwilling, often resentful people who are not allowed to get up and leave at any time other than short breaks? It’s all true, the litigation section in large law firms really is generally placed in its own wing, preferably behind an air lock to prevent the regular lawyers being contaminated by the testosterone level.

It must be said though that she never seems to have handled criminal defense, domestic relations, or estate litigation, which are where the real assholes tend to be drawn. And of course, in the end she left the real money to be a judge which doesn’t speak well for her egomania; probably she just couldn’t cut it in the arena any more and wanted a regular job.

Really, it might be nice to have fewer clerks and administrative lawyers and more litigators on the Big Court; certainly it would make for more entertaining hearings. However, since when you go the the Big Court you give up the right to make decisions for becoming one amoung many, I can’t see how this move supports the notion of her egomania. Egomaniacs generally like to stay at the trial court level, where their word is law (at least until they are overturned).