Sound from Starship Titanic [help needed]

Some years ago I played the computer game Starship Titanic. It was fun and one slow day at work I downloaded the desktop theme from the official site.

I changed the theme after a while, but kept one sound - The Suc-U-Bus. It’s the voice saying “YOU’VE GOT MAIL - HU-HA”.

Three computers later, and four OS’s I thought I might download the theme again to get that sound.
It’s no longer available at the official site. The links are there but it’s not possible to download anymore.

So - any doper who might have the Sucubus.wav on the hard drive and could do me a favor and mail it to me?

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Just finished the audio-book last night.
Unfortunatly the sound isn’t in it :frowning:

Hm…if I remember this weekend, I might reinstall the game and see if it stores the files as .wavs. If it does…I’ll be sure to drop you an email. :slight_smile:

I’ll look this weekend too. I have the game at home. I’ll try to find the sound bite.

I resurrected this thread because I now have the exact same request as the OP had back in the dark ages.

The Starship Titanic website is actually still up, but alas - the download links are still not working and I’ve had no luck trawling the seas with Google.

Does anyone here have those sounds lying around somewhere? I’m primarily looking for that “You’ve got mail”-bit, but it would be a nice bonus if someone actually had the whole theme package. There were some rather satisfying parrot squawking there as well, as I remember.

It’s for my smartphone :slight_smile: