Sound in Earth 2100?

We’re taping the show, and keep checking from time to time. I don’t hear any voice track. You can hear the music and the sound effects, but no voiceovers. Sometimes you see the image of a talking head for a second or so, but no voice.

I can’t be sure if this is a deliberate effect (there are long stretches that work pretty well without sound), or if ABC (or our local affiliate) screwed up royally.

We watched it last night, and there’s definitely voiceover during all the graphic novel parts.

Trust me, there’s voiceover.

Mrs-Kingspades is a voice actress and was agonizing for the entire program: “Who is that voice? I swear I’ve never heard her before…”

I watched it last night too and there were definitely some audio issues. At one point, the sound wasn’t matching up with the lips of the person speaking.

I watched it in HD, and there was no problem.