Sound of Music Questions: Why is it a "Xmas movie"? And why a tone-deaf rev. mother?

Every year at Christmas, “The Sound of Music” comes on. Why? what makes it a “Christmas” movie? Nary a Christmas tree or an angel getting his wings when a baby sneezes - nuttin! So why is it played every year?

And while I’m at it - what’s up with the reverend mother who can’t sing? That big piece “Climb every Mountain” - I hit “mute” at the first note. If you’re filming a musical, wouldn’t you go out of your way to get actors who can sing??

Peggy Wood did not do her own singing. Someone else dubbed the singing voice. Give Mother Superior a break, she was obviously elderly.

Must be a North American thing. It doesn’t pop up here on television at Christmas.

The singer was Margaret McKay. I’ve always thought she had a lovely voice.

I’m still trying to figure out why “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a Christmas movie; the first time I saw it, it was July.

When I was growing up in the 70’s I distinctly remember TSOM being an Easter movie. I mentioned that to my roommate this year when it came on at Christmastime. Anybody else remember this being an Easter flick? (Wizard of Oz always came on at Easter, too, IIRC.)

Station exec from Australia was waiting for Christmas weather.

The day on which the event occurred is Christmas Eve. I don’t know why they sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in the final scene (you know, while they’re beating up Mr. Potter). Although suicides apparently don’t increase around Christmas.

I never noticed that “Sound of Music” is routinely played around Christmastime, but I have noticed that “My Favorite Things” is in just about every collection of Christmas sheet music I have.

I don’t know why- it’s not about Christmas at all. And, if I remember correctly, isn’t “My Favorite Things” sung when there’s a thunderstorm out or something? I’ve heard the rationale that it’s cause it’s about presents, and what you’d be asking for Christmas… But that never made any sense to me- why would you want “whiskers on kittens”??

I think it’s just supposed to be one of those heartwarming, for-all-the-family movies that you’re all meant to cosy down and watch together, bunkered against the icy blasts outside, in your warm living room in the depths of winter, especially if it’s holiday time. The Wizard Of Oz tends to get played a lot at Christmas too, for the same reasons, I suspect.

Yeah, I suspect it’s a “Christmas movie” purely because it’s supposed to be one that can be enjoyed by the whole family, young and old.

I’ve noticed the same thing, that this movie gets a lot of Christmas play. Some of the songs from the movie get played on the Christmas music stations here as well, which I never really understood.

I have to take issue with this – “tone deaf”? What’s wrong with her singing? She hits several high notes, but AFAI can tell they’re well executed, and in range.
By the way, they chose the actress for her appearance and acting abilities. Although a singer herself, according to the IMDB:

( ) According to the IMDB, Margery McKay dubbed **Peggy Wood[/]'s singing voice for that number.

When ever I go caroling I always sing The Lonely Goat Herder.

I think it was just a popular song that got hijacked. As you mention, it doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas other than “packages tied with strings” and the word “sleighbells” and even the packages isn’t Christmas per-se.

Weird, I’ve never once noticed TSOM playing around Christmas time.

And I would also like to say that I always thought the movie version of “Climb Every Mountain” was beautiful. When I was a little kid, I’d always try to sing along with it :).