Sound problem (computer)

Everytime, after I play a computer game (Red Alert 2) online, if I try to listen to MP3 they play very choppily. Especially if I try to open a website while listening or type something in word. I have to restart before things return to normal. This happens to my friends as well. Can anyone tell me what causes this and how I can fix it?

Maybe the game isn’t getting out of the RAM properly? See if there is a patch you can download.

it sounds like the game isint completely leaving your memory – a patch or rebooting is the answer.

Here’s an experiment to try.

  1. Reboot the PC

  2. After it comes up, load Task Manager and take note of all the tasks. Exit Task Manager.

  3. Play the game. Exit.

  4. Load Task Manager again, see if there is anything new that wasn’t in the list made from step 2.

  5. If there is, send an EMAIL to game manufacturer’s tech support (check first if there is already a patch with bug fixes)