Sound problem w/ cable TV/home theater speakers

I set up my HD TV to run the sound from the cable through the Blu-Ray home theater speakers for a fuller sound. Have sound output set to “ARC” (no idea what that stands for, but the Panasonic customer service guy told me to set it that way- both TV and Blu-Ray player are Panasonic brand). Both cable box and Blu-Ray player/speakers are connected to TV via HDMI.

Sound will be great for a period of time (different length every time), and then it starts sounding like there’s feedback (sounds “hairy”- I’m not sure how else to describe!) and it gets worse and worse until you can’t make out any of the sounds at all.

I have to shut down the cable box and TV and Blu-Ray player and restart to make it go away. I can’t shut down any one component and fix the problem…

Any ideas?

So you have it set up like this:
Cable Box —> TV —> Bluray/Amplifier

I would change it around a bit:
Cable box —> Bluray/Amplifier —> TV
Think of your TV as a “video moniter” (and turn off the TV’s speakers)

It’s set up this way:
cable box—>TV

I assumed I wouldn’t be able to set it the way you suggest b/c the Blu/Ray player isn’t a receiver. In the past I’ve always had to use a video/audio receiver to set it up that way. Can video go through the BluRay to the TV??

I had to get a digital optical cable to make my Panasonic system work this way. Also I think Blue Ray is set to Digital In when I want to listen to the TV through the Surround.

Uh, you’re missing something. From your OP:

How’s your sound getting from the cable box to the bluray player/speakers? If I were to guess, I’d say you have sound coming out of your TV and your speakers, and the signal is slightly off. Mute your TV.

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You’re correct. The cable box is not running sound through my blu-ray, as my words indicated in the OP.

Sound and picture are going from cable box to TV via HDMI, and sound is coming back from TV to blu-ray HT speakers via HDMI.

TV volume is off, so it’s not a double audio or anything. It’s like hella-static-y feedback that compounds until it’s unintelligible.

p.s. skdo23, I sent you a PM!

Doesn’t that mean your home theater “speakers” are really a cheap receiver as well, if they are receiving the Audio and distributing it ? Probably would help if you could link the amazon pages of the model of speakers and blu-ray player you have.

Here you go.

Obviously I know just enough about all of this to confuse people!

I’ve found the problem. From your link:

I’d be willing to bet that your TV isn’t ARC compatible.

If the TV is a new Panasonic it should be compatible with the surround system. As I said in my earlier post a digital optical cable will solve your problem.

This is my system here:

And my TV here:

Here is a link for the cable:

His bluray player doesn’t have an optical audio input, so that won’t work.

According to Google it does.

Sorry forgot the link

So it does! For some reason I completely glanced over that on the amazon page.

But does his TV have an optical audio output? Or does his cable box?

The TV has optical audio out, the cable box has an optical slot that’s labeled “optical”, and the blu-ray player has 2 optical slots, one labeled “audio in” and one labeled “digital”.

So I think I should give the optical connection a try. But I’m not sure which 2 components should get hooked up via optical:

Cable box to Blu-ray?

TV to Blu-ray?
And then there will be the matter of getting the 2 components set up properly. There’s an audio setting on the TV that has to be set, and also with the Blu-ray player. But the settings aren’t labeled “optical”, so I have to figure that part out…

I would think digital optical out of the cable into the surround then a seperate HDMI from the cable to the TV. It just checked mine and that is the way I think I am going to do it. I just changed to digital cable on Frday and I have not had a chance to hook it up yet. The old system was coax to the tv and digital optical from the tv to the surround.

I just got it set up from the TV audio out to the Blu-Ray audio in. And so far, so good. Just waiting to see if that sound problem comes back.

I don’t really see an audio out option on the cable box, other than the optical slot- does optical always = audio?