Sound Synthesizing Software

Is there, out there on the interwebs somewhere, software I can get with which I can create sounds reminiscent of the music to old 80’s video game music?

Is there, by the way, such software which is… um… free? Or real cheap?


There are several plugins that achieve this. You’ll need a host program that can run VST instruments.

Check out Quadrasid for emulating the Commodore 64 sound chip and Triforce for the classic NES.

Thanks so far.

Upon further browsing starting from the link just provided, I have come across this: and am wondering whether anyone knows whether there is cheaper software which does the same kind of thing, even if not as well and with not so many features.

I’m sure Reaktor is worth the dough, but it’s just dough I don’t have. I’m also not that ambitious: I’m just looking for a toy to play with.


Reaktor is absolutely killer when it comes to software synthesis. It can be as nuts-and-bolts (design your own synths and effects from the component level up) to as utilitarian (download and use the synths that other people have built) as you want. When you buy it, you get access to the huge database of synths, effects, and other contraptions that people have built and uploaded.

But yeah, it’s pricey.

One of my friends, who exclusively uses Reaktor to make chip music, built a killer NES soundchip emulator in it, along with a weird sequencer to control it.

For something cheaper, check out Aydiomulch - it has a long free trial, and it’s user-friendly. It doesn’t come with as much stuff to play with, but what it does have is fun and useful.

Sythedit lets you make vst synths.