SoundBlaster Live Audio question

I run an Intel Pentium III 450 with 128 megs ram with SoundBlaster Live and the various programs that support it (why this is important, I don’t know, but I’ve been burned for not including this before).

My Question: I have numorious MP3’s on my PC and would like to feed an audio line to my main stereo. It’s an older ONKYO amp with any number of input lines. How exactly could I accomplish this?

a. Get 2 items From Radio Shack.

1: A 3 or 6 foot 1/8" stereo plug to 2 L+R RCA phono plug connectors (std stereo type).

2: A 20 foot 1/8" stereo headphone extension cable.

b. Plug 1 into 2.

c. Plug 1/8" male stereo plug into line level output of SB card and plug phono plugs into tape or CD or aux input(s) of Onkyo.

d. Get Down!

Or you could be cool like me and buy the digital I.O daughtercard from Creative and use a TOSlink to run to your stereo :smiley:

But since it’s an older Onkyo, Astro’s right on the money :slight_smile:


Thank you… I’ll giver a shot in the morning.

Then again, Radio shack Huh? I was hoping for monster cables or something cool down those lines. Oh well, time to make up a new address, phone number, zip code, etc., just to get some cables from the shack.

You can buy my digital IO daughtercard. I have never had any use for it whatsoever.

I don’t even know what the Hell a digital IO daughtercard is anyways.

Your not trying to screw with old Cnote are ya?

That’s too bad TC, mine works great! Gets all the data to my HT receiver fast and friendly, gives me an input to the computer so I can rip MP3’s and whatnot, DVD output, Etc…

If it’s used correctly, it’s a gem of a card.

Cnote…the Digital I/O daughtercard is a card that piggy-backs the SBLive! card ans gives you one TOSlink(fiber-optic) and 1 coaxial SPDIF(digital "monster-type RCA cable), in and out ot your computer.

It allows you to use a digital signal to your HTPC or whatever.


Given that you going from a source with limited real world true “high” fidelity (ie the Soundblaster live card - I also have one and like it muchly) in the audiophile sense and playing highly compressed sound files, methinks a pair of the below described might be overkill. I think Chronos must be writing their copy.

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