Soundtracks to your favorite books.

Usually when I’m reading that’s all I’m doing. I’m not watching TV or listening to music. Occasionally however I’ll read and listen to music at the same time. Every once in a while the two will synergize. Most times not, but every once in a while. . .

This works better with comics, at least for me. I’d imagine a lot of you listen to music while reading though. You seem a brainy bunch.

The one instance where my reading and listening became almost inseperable has only happened once, at least for me. This being the period where I was listening to Portishead’s self-titled album obsessively. At the same time I was rereading Watchmen for the umpteenth time. Portishead’s music fit so well, I played it everytime I opened the book. Now I can’t read or listen to one without being reminded of the other.

So this post is two-fold, and I hope others follow suit. One is to recommend Portishead and Watchmen together, and the other is to find out what soundtracks you people have to some of your favorite books.

Of course, I could be ranting. Whatever.

I bought Meatloaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell 2” the same day that a friend gave me “The Magic Cottage” by James Herbert. I cannot read the book without thinking of the music or vice versa, though it’s been many years. It’s a shame, really - these days, I like that book much more than I like that album :slight_smile:

Hey I thought I was the only one to have thought of this. it’s a cool idea, though.

Green Day’s Nimrod album (more specifically, “Shattered”) and Psycho go together. I read/listened to those over the summer of '99.

Rosemary’s Baby and the Dirt by Alice in Chains. Just 'cause I bought them both together. They’re both kind of dark, too, now that I think on it.

Speaking of Meat Loaf- Christine sort of reminds me of “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.” Car thing, I guess.

Also IT and The Stand go with Turn the Page- the Metallica version.

The Shining and The Haunting of Hill House both go with Nirvana’s Unplugged and Metallica’s Black Album. I ordered them all from at the same time.

cazzle - that’s one of Herbert’s best, IMHO. He’s just unabashed what-it-is, isn’t he? No pretensions. Good match with Meat Loaf.

I put on Jimmie Dale Gilmore when I read Joe Lansdale’s Hap and Leonard books. Marty Stuart would work just as well.

I had Billy Joe Royal in the changer when I read the Drive-In and it really worked – not sure why. Romantic ballads and the Popcorn King?

Not sure who’d work best with Nightrunners.