Sour and Funky Beer Event

A local beeratorium, as part of Pittsburgh’s Craft Beer Week had a sour/funky beer tasting event yesterday. Man, it was awesome! Any love here for the sours? For $50 you could drink all you wanted from 1 to 4 pm. Catered food was included, as well. Of course, a souvenir glass was yours to keep.

The beer offerings included 36 bottled beers. A few notables were The Bruery’s Rueuze (an Americanized Gueuze/barrel aged sour blonde ale), Rodenbach Vintage 2010 Barrel 144 (a single-foeder Flanders red ale), Russian River’s Consecration (yumm! A dark ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels with currants), Lindemans Faro (blended lambic sweetened with candy sugar. Sounds strange, but I like it), and many more.

There were also six beers on draft. I had Draai Laag Goedenacht (farmhouse ale with apples, honey, and brettanomyces), Bavik Petrus Aged Red (a blend of Petrus Oud Bruin & Aged Pale with cherries), Bullfrog Pomme Par Jour (farmhouse ale with brettanomyces, steeped on apple pomace), and Van Honsebrouck St Louis Framboise (sweetened lambic with raspberries).

What a great afternoon! :cool:

Yep, been a big fan of sours and am happy to see them get more widely available as beer drinkers palates get a handle on the flavors. On the other hand, they seem to have gotten more expensive, too. I used to get a big bottle of Hanssens Oude Gueuze for $11.99, but now it’s like $17.99. Now, all beer prices seem to have risen substantially over the last 5 years, but that one seems especially high, and I wonder whether its due to the increased interest in the style.

As much as I love hops, I’m happy to see tastes expanding and more examples of lesser known styles enter the market.

I love lambics. I still treasure the comment on a judging form I once got, for my “Only the Strong Survive” framboise. He said it tasted like a raspberry razor blade on his tongue. :smiley:

Any kriek lambics? Tried one of those once in the Netherlands and am still thinking about it. Don’t know that I liked it, mind you, but I still think about it.

Had Hanssens Artisanaal Oude Kriek!!!

Now I wish I’d taken more notes. Many people had notebooks. Most referred to their phone beer apps. I just ticked off what I tried.

Sadly, one of my favorite sours is Bockor Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge. A very nice Flanders red ale, but it is $20 for a small bottle.

I so hear you.:cool:

I love lambics, but am unfortunately too knocked up to drink at the moment. There’s a pub in town that has a good assortment, but I enjoy Lindeman’s La Pecheress both for the taste and for the pun.

I think I’ve had the Faro, too, and liked it a lot. My husband can’t stand any of them, though.

Edit to add- yes, the pub in question has Lindeman’s Faro and Kriek on tap. Lovely place.

I, too, love reds, lambics, oud bruins, geuezen, etc. Big bonus that you can keep bottles in the fridge and few other people will ever touch it.

Me and my father had a trip to belgium a couple of years ago. I’ve never come home with such a sour stomach in my life… It was wonderful. I had over eighty different kinds of beer in three days!