Sour Skittles: The New Crack?

This is the most awesomest candy…sour-y and then sweet with a nifty little crunch. I get a bag and I try to have just a few, but I close the bag then open the bag and grab a few more, then close the bag, then open the bag and have some more.

It is very similar to crack (I would guess, having never tried or even seen crack), except for the illegal, mind numbing, life wrecking, crime inducing aspects…of crack, not sour skittles.

I love me some sour skittles. My biggest problem with them is that I eat too many. The acidic coating (which makes them sour) makes my tongue raw, and each additional bit of sweet’n’sour goodness burns. But I eat 'em anyway.

I’ve JUST recently managed to wean myself off of Sour Skittles, after mainlining them for nearly a year. They are truely evil, tasty, addictive little things!

Good Sweet Mike, these are nice. Damn you for reminding me of them, sir.