Source for music keyboard?

I’m looking for a keyboard, of the musical type (not the computer type). What I’m looking to do is build my own synthesizer type thing, and I’d prefer not to have to manufacture the keys myself. Unfortunately, searching for keyboard parts and anything else I can think of to search for on google gives me a few hundred thousand hits for already made keyboards like casios and the like. Anyone know where I can get just the keyboard, with no electronics at all attached? I’m looking for full size keys, as many keys as I can get (49 isn’t enough, though I suppose I could put two 49 key sets side by side), and velocity sensitive would be nice as well (2 switches per key).

If anyone knows where I can buy such a thing for a reasonable price, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, it’s off to the garage to make one myself, which I’m not looking forward to simply because it’s going to be very time consuming.

I found one on eBay. If this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, the seller seems to own a business selling this sort of stuff. Contact info at the bottom of the eBay ad.

I’d start off by contacting local dealers of electric pianos, and see if replacement keyboards are available for purchase.

Failing that, a better option than building from scratch would be to buy a cheap second-hand acoustic piano, the strings and frame of which can be gutted, and all you need to do is find a way to attach the necessary switches and sensors.

All right, how did you do that? Every time I’ve looked on ebay I haven’t found one.

By the way, that was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

I typed keyboard assembly into the search field, then clicked on the subcategory Musical Instruments. That was the only result. Anyway, glad to help! You will, of course, share the progress of your project with us? Sounds interesting!

Check your local pawn shops.

Desperate musicians get lo-balled by these guys so they might have a used whole keyboard for less than a new keyboard assembly.

I’m curious, just what kind of synthesizer are you trying to make?