Source of Jaws anecdote?

I’m trying the find the exact quote and source for an anecdote I think Steven Spielberg told about the premiere of Jaws. He describes going to the premiere and being absolutely terrified that the film was going to tank, due to the things like Bruce breaking down all the time. After Billy gets killed and his yellow raft, shredded and bloody, washes up on shore, a guy ran out of the theater, vomited in the lobby, and walked back in to watch the rest of the movie.
Please tell me I’m not hallucinating, and tell me where I can confirm it.

I’m pretty sure I heard Spielberg himself tell that story when he was on Inside the Actors Studio, which according to the Bravo web site will be rerun on June 16.

I need to verify a different fact from that show, so I’m planning to tape it.

[nitpick]The boy’s character’s name was Alex M. Kintner, played by Jeffrey Voorhees.[/nitpick] :slight_smile:

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Alex, Billy, whatever. I always kind of close my eyes at that part.

Hehe. Yeah, it’s a pretty horrific scene… :eek:

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