Sources of Website development

Can any dopers recommend a good source of cheap/free Website development?

I have a relatively simple but fun (I hope!) idea for an interactive website, which will require visitors to submit to and update a database. If I had the time to teach myself I could probably do the necessary coding but I don’t, so need some help!

I will search around the web but any links or suggestions would be most welcome.

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Your best bet is to download Macromedia Dreamweaver ( It comes with a very easy to use database setup wizard, and that should get you coding in no time. I think that’s about as close to free as you’re going to get. Unless you can use free stuff that’s been built already (surveys, messageboards, etc.)

Good luck. With more specifics I might be able to point you to some more downloadable goodies.

You could try Postnuke or PHPNuke - both are open source and free. Both have reasonable support in their user forums - I use both so I have first-hand knowledge. Am a non-techie - so the support has come in handy several times!

Thanks mrbuddylee and ** quarrossimo **, I will take a look at those.