south for the spring

Well,I’ve narrowed my search for a new state to North Carolina or Virginia. Any dopers from Virginia let me know about your city. I’m thinking Alexandria,or Richmond,somewhere East. I appreciate it. Want any company in mid-April? (my son vacuums,and I do dishes!)

Oh wow, my apartment hasn’t been vacuumed in months – any chance you might come to Chapel Hill? (College town in a high-growth area with plenty of employment opportunities, decent schools, tons of used book stores, very pretty in the fall and spring, and … um … a really neat ice cream parlor that doubles as an art gallery.) And I have a comfortable couch you can crash on…

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I’m in Fairfax County right next to the City of Alexandria. It’s a nice city. It’s close enough to DC to be convenient, but if you’d rather avoid the District, that’s no problem.

The only caviat about this area is the traffic. It was just rated 2nd worst next to LA. If your commute is contrary to normal traffic flow, it’s fine. (I did that for about a year. But most jobs are inbound, and the economical housing is outbound.)

Oh, and sorry, but I can’t really offer you a place to stay. My wife will have just had a baby, so things will be quite hectic around here.

worried porcupine,Gee I dunno if I wanna stay at a place where they don’t vacuum! :wink: Hows the weather?

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I think the OP took a wrong turn on the way to MPSIMS.